Verengo Solar is a residential solar installer headquartered in southern California. They are one of the most popular retailers in their local area, and as well as across the USA.

They recently opened up an office on the East Coast in New Jersey. They are popular because of the value they offer to customers and the quality of service they provide. There are very few complaints about their products or their services.

Many customers seem to be very happy with the service they received. In the reviews, many people say the agents on the phone were friendly and courteous, and the installers were on time and quick.

Verengo Solar has a reputation of delivering great customer service, which they promote on their website with many positive reviews from various 3rd party review sites.


There are not many complaints on the web about Verengo Solar. In the cases where customers or potential customers have complained about Verengo Solar, a customer service representative has responded expressing sympathy for the consumer and provided a phone number or email address at which they could be contacted to remedy the situation.

Most of the complaints found, and there were not many, revolved around pre-purchase frustrations such as too many calls, a misunderstanding about installation dates, etc.

The company itself recommends contacting them directly if you have any issues. Furthermore, in addition to responding to complaints via email and on third party websites, the company has also begun monitoring social media channels to ensure their customers continue to enjoy the solar experience they have provided.

Verengo Solar Careers

If you like the reviews you have read about Verengo Solar and want to help them succeed, they have many open positions on their jobs page. They have positions open in a variety of roles, ranging from solar engineers to receptionists and marketing professionals.

The fact that Verengo Solar has so many positive reviews all over the Internet helps in their recruiting efforts. People want to work for successful companies that other people like, and Verengo Solar is one of those companies. Although they do not post employee reviews about their company, finding positive reviews from former employees is not difficult. Based on researched data, former Verengo Solar employees rarely leave their position under duress.

Customer Reviews

Verengo Solar has posted many reviews on their website which indicate that the company’s customers appreciate and value their service. Verengo Solar performs many roles in the solar energy space, so it is important for all their moving parts to be working
perfectly in order to produce the ideal customer experience. That is why their representatives respond so quickly.

Since people can post about Verengo Solar in a variety of forums, the company does its best to stay on top of them, and post the best ones on their own site. They include reviews from Yelp and the BBB on their own reviews page. On 3rd party forums, such
as Angie’s List or more specialized green energy forums, a customer service representative usually responds to complaints quickly. Many customers gave Verengo Solar 4 or 5 stars in most categories.


Verengo Solar stocks many of the best solar panels on the market. Not all of their solar panels are cheap, but they are all of the highest quality.

They also offer solar chargers and solar inverters. As the cost of solar panels has declined with improvements in technology, Verengo Solar passes those savings on to the consumer.

There are many reviews which testify to the value offered by the company. Right now, Verengo Solar stocks efficient solar panels from Suntech and Yingli, two of the most respected solar panel manufacturers in the world. In regards to solar inverters, Verengo stocks SMA and Power-One converters. Both companies produce long-lasting, efficient solar converters.

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