A solar powered car is an electric car powered by photovoltaic cells. This breed of vehicle is not designed for normal travel and would be difficult to build on a commercial scale. The majority of solar cars in existence today are being built for government projects and solar races to provide data for research and further study of solar vehicles.

A solar powered car is not feasible for many reasons. Since photovoltaic cells need direct sunlight, the design of solar powered cars requires a great deal of surface area on which to place solar cells, which often sacrifices many standard vehicle features.

Solar powered cars often have only one seat and no cargo space. Furthermore, they are often made of lightweight materials to offset the weight of the solar panels and minimize energy usage. This makes the cars difficult and less safe to drive.

Solar Powered Car Battery Charger

As domestic solar power becomes a more popular option, many people have turned to portable and stationary solar panels as a way to power batteries. There are many merchants, both online and brick-and-mortar, who sell cheap solar panels ranging from portable solar panel 12v models to more permanent, but still portable, 30 watt panels.

If you are looking for a cheap way to charge your car battery, a solar powered car battery charger may be your answer. If you are the do-it-yourself type of person, you could install a small solar roof panel to keep you battery fully charged. Keep in mind that many solar powered battery chargers will not bring back a dead battery; they can only charge a battery.

Solar Powered Car Kit

If you are looking for a way to turn your generic sedan into a solar powered car with the addition of a kit, you will be disappointed. There are currently no solar powered car kits commercially available.

On the other hand, there are a couple plans around the Internet for do-it-yourself types who want to build a solar powered car from scratch. The issue at hand is the lack of affordable solar cells for sale or cheap solar panels which can handle the power needs of a car while simultaneously resisting the vibrations that occur.

If you are looking for a solar powered car kit for a model car, there are many selections available from popular retailers across the Internet.

Solar Powered Car Race

There have been numerous agencies and organizations that have organized solar races since the first one in 1985 (Tour de Sol). The only race to consistently retain sponsorships and event entrants is the World Solar Challenge. It is held every 2 years and attracts entrants from around the globe to race their solar cars across the entirety of the Australian continent.

The entrants come from universities and research & design teams, and the technology is often cutting edge. The research completed to compete in solar powered car races had led to improvements in solar panel efficiency and cheaper solar panels.

Solar Powered Car For Sale

There have been numerous attempts by companies to commercially produce solar powered cars. Unfortunately, all of their efforts are small in scale and relatively unsuccessful.

Toyota has been rumored to be working on producing a solar car, but those rumors have yet to be confirmed. A small firm in Japan converted an existing car to a solar model and made it commercially available and in Europe, an exclusive Italian auto maker produced a small solar powered car.

Solar powered cars are currently not for sale, though research continues to advance. One day, cheap solar panels and cheap photovoltaic cells will be made for cars. Until then, we must rely on scientists and enterprising inventors to produce solar powered

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